Sports Injury

Sports Injury Treatment

From twisting ankles to breaking arms, sports injuries can come in all different shapes and sizes. But no matter what injury you’re dealing with, it’s important to receive proper treatment. If you end up treating an injury incorrectly, the same injury could keep happening again, or you might cause other health issues. If you live in the Bakersfield, CA area and you're searching for injury treatment, then give Reyes Chiropractic a call today. We have a professional chiropractor who can help put these sports injuries in the past. Keep reading to learn more about the common types of sports injuries out there, including how we can provide effective treatment.

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Common Types of Sports Injury

Although sports injuries come in all shapes and sizes, there are some common ones that happen more frequently. These injuries include:

Ankle Sprains

Given how much we use our ankles in just about any sport, it’s no surprise that this area on the body sees issues more frequently. Although a common ankle sprain doesn’t usually need professional treatment, we recommend seeing an expert if the pain doesn’t go away over time.

Hamstring Strain

Our hamstrings are used for a wide variety of movements in sports. That being said, it’s very common to strain this area of the body. From minor strains to extreme pulls, these injuries can keep you out of the game for quite some time. Seeing a chiropractor can be very beneficial.

Shin Splints

If you’ve ever felt pain on the front or back of your shin, then you might’ve had shin splints before. Whether minor discomfort or extreme pain, this issue can haunt you for years. Luckily, chiropractic solutions have proven to be very effective for this condition.

Knee Injury

Our knees take a beating from everyday life. But when sports are played, our knees take a serious thrashing. While you can take a lot of preventative measures to save yourself from knee discomfort, injuries still happen from time to time given how much we use our knees. From minor pain solutions to recovering from an ACL tear, chiropractic care is a very effective form of treatment for these types of injuries.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

When you visit Reyes Chiropractic for sports injury treatment, we’ll first talk about your injury, review your medical history, and ask you questions about how the injury was caused and your level of pain. From there, we’ll offer you a treatment plan that can lead to decreased pain and proper recovery. 

Located in Bakersfield, CA, Reyes Chiropractic is here to get you back on the field quickly. We understand how frustrating these injuries can be, so we are happy to offer effective treatment plans with your specific goals in mind. Call us today at (661) 861-9266 to make an appointment!


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